Tuesday, 11 October 2011


red can makes me happy n smile..=')

 You can never learn to be strong ..
but you can DECIDE to BE strong ..

 Remember all the things we wanted..
Now all our memories, they're haunted..
We were always meant to say goodbye...
Even with our fists held high..
It never would have worked out right, yeah..
We were never meant for do or die...

I didn't want us to burn out..
I didn't come here to hurt you now I can't stop...

I want you to know..
It doesn't matter where we take this road..
Someone's gotta go..
And I want you to know...
You couldn't have loved me better..
But I want you to move on..
So I'm already gone..

Looking at you makes it harder..
But I know that you'll find another..
That doesn't always make you wanna cry..
It started with the perfect kiss then..
We could feel the poison set in..
"Perfect" couldn't keep this love alive..
You know that I love you so..
I love you enough to let you go..

I want you to know..
It doesn't matter where we take this road..
Someone's gotta go ..
And I want you to know..
You couldn't have loved me better..
But I want you to move on..
So I'm already gone..

I'm already gone, already gone..
You can't make it feel right..
When you know that it's wrong..
I'm already gone...
There's no moving on..
So I'm already gone..

Remember all the things we wanted...
Now all our memories, they're haunted...
We were always meant to say goodbye...

I want you to know..
It doesn't matter where we take this road..
Someone's gotta go..
And I want you to know..
You couldn't have loved me better...
But I want you to move on..
So I'm already gone..

already gone..
You can't make it feel right..
When you know that it's wrong...
I'm already gone, already gone..
There's no moving on,..
So I'm already gone....really down ..

im gone..

ilalalalla~~ never n ever..



Wednesday, 17 August 2011

my weeding dream ♥ⓛⓞⓥⓔ♥

assalamualaikum...! hye gurls!!
i believe everyone has their own wedding do i! ever since i was a kid..i always wanted to have an awesome fairytale wedding....have a beautiful wedding dress, walking on the rose petals and dancing with my husband (my prince charming)...WOW....a very 'cinderella' fairytale story kn?wht can i say? a "malay cinderella wedding day"?ehehe...owh tht is not to include a horse drawn carriage to deliver the bride to her groom..hehe...too much storybooks lah! but who knows it might happen in my life soon? who knows?? ( sambil mengangkat kedua bahu) hee kn?kn? hmmm tht's the dream of every girl i guess...betol x?but i like to have lots of roses in my wedding roses very much....♥ⓛⓞⓥⓔ♥

my wedding theme would be " A GARDEN WEDDING" as i said i like roses much .. my wedding should be lots of roses...i wanna make it real simple..i mean only for my close friends and family thts all..not too demand kn? hehehe....many people especially malays like to remain the old tradition with a malay wedding dress...buat kenduri besar2....but for not wrong kn to hv another thing tht might be out of the circle....! huh! kenduri pon xpayah besar2 sgt....cos is membazir je....jus make it nice and simple and buat yang wajib betol x??? it....muahhhhh!!!

so, the theme is a "garden wedding"...thts wht i always wanted to have! ngee...simple je mcm cite omputeh 2...just simple ..i mmg cuke simple2 nehh....bajet lerr...
hmmm then kalo kawen mst kene pk pelamin plak kan? for pelamin... yg mcm ala2 garden wedding sama gak...nak roses jugak...heheh mcm ni ok? I LIKE je..pelamin 2 must ikot theme...since my theme is a garden wedding...haha...( cian my husband kn suma pink) haha...jus mcm neh lah...not necessarily pink...purple or white pon ok! hehhhe...:)

ni pon i cuke..sbb da roses..huhu..merah+putih..garang gituh..!!                                                            
waaaaaaaaaaaaa~like that...maw la cenggini...sbb full purple..=)     
for guest i wanna make it nice as well....dah berngan2 dah...special decoration for my frens n family members...hehe...

this for my guest !!!cantik dop??see..roses lagi...^_^ pink.soft color lol :"P    

lagi manyak taw munge nyeee....waaaaaa...sejuk mata memandang..!!

sungguh menarik..nk je uat wrne purple+pink..mAHALL kot..!!  dpt ke:')

look nice with roses all over...VENUE??hmmm 2 lah belom fikir lg kat mn kt malaysia neh seswai...but saw one of my frens wedding, a chinese, she just having a wed ...and a garden wedding was her choice too...cantik tmpt 2...cant upload pic here....soon m 100% sure tht was in malaysia! so i still hv a chance lah kn to have a wedding like this??? lol....insya-ALLAH....mudah mudahan..angan je lebih..heheheh..

then.......and and! i berangan jugak every each of my guest will has a cute roses cupcake..heheh mcm ni!

da cakap moon cake...mesti la nk gok..heeeheheh :P

hmmm wut else eh? owh owh my WEDDING CAKE! my wedding cake of cos lah kene ade roses jugak! suka kn roses..heee....simple je my wedding cake...xnak sarat2! one layer is enough...hmmm...hehehh...nk jugak pink nye...hahah..~

nyum3...nyummy....maw jgk kn?sape xmaw kn...heheh..

then come my WEDDING GOWN! muslimah wedding gown lah...due to m wearing hijab...hehe...who said wearing hijab xcantik in wedding?? not something yg old fashioned or obsolute! kn be awesome ape! i just google nk tgk wedding dress yg muslimah pakai...then i found this...kinda like it! heheh...!! heh...tapi makeup i simple2 jew okie...nak garang biar nampak betul2...tapi law blh biar smoothly jew kan...^_^

siap ade rose lagi mengandung pon ade! tp nice taw..

nampak ayu gituh dan sopan!! kan3??=)   

ni nampak cantik jugak...terselah sungguh!! keayuann.^^

seksi cantik kn batu2 tuh ^_^ !!  

ni time nikah pon sesuai..cantik sungguh semunye..!!! 

same cam ade 1 y ni warne pink lembut tuh pon ^^!!

ni paling geramm la!! sebab purple!!teruja i..:P

cam bidadari da rasenye..nak3!!!!

ni paling beshh la kn gojess gituhh..walau nampak sarat dgn munge nye !!^^

agak unikk...warne fov i ...ala2 arab cikit..indian cikt!!^^

alu la kite...eheh..tutp2 gituh...^_^nicely..

ehhh...silver kot...agak cun lol..=)

ni da tu la..sakit pale..byk cgt ltk ats pale...=)

cute... mahkota dy xsesuai ngn i.muke i bulatt ^^

ayuu uh...santek cgt da...muslimah uh..^_^ wedding i nak ada FLOWER GIRL jugak!! heheh......

purple+pink jugak...heheheh...cuke taw..  .!!=)

.2 je dream wedding...berangan je lebih...dpt ke tak agk nye.. hehehe...but berangan xsalah kn...?I WISH I WISH I WISH to have a wedding day just LIKE THIS! hehe..insyaAllah...BERUSAHA...!!!!

layan la maher zain jap...ehhehehh....^_^

the rest of my life...

I praise Allah for sending me you my love
You found me home and sail with me
And I`m here with you
Now let me let you know
You`ve opened my heart
I was always thinking that love was wrong
But everything was changed when you came along

And theres a couple words I want to say
For the rest of my life
I`ll be with you
I`ll stay by your side honest and true
Till the end of my time
I`ll be loving you. loving you

For the rest of my life
Thru days and night
I`ll thank Allah for open my eyes
Now and forever
I`ll be there for you
I know that deep in my heart
I feel so blessed when I think of you
And I ask Allah to bless all we do
You`re my wife and my friend and my strength
And I pray we`re together eternally
Now I find myself so strong
Everything changed when you came along

And theres a couple word I want to say
For the rest of my life
I`ll be with you
I`ll stay by your side honest and true
Till the end of my time
I`ll be loving you. loving you
For the rest of my life
Thru days and night
I`ll thank Allah for open my eyes
Now and foreverI`ll be there for you
I know that deep in my heart now that you`re here
Infront of me
I strongly feel love
And I have no doubt
And I`m singing loud that I`ll love you eternally
For the rest of my life
I`ll be with youI`ll stay by your side honest and true
Till the end of my time
I`ll be loving you.loving you
For the rest of my life
Thru days and night
I`ll thank Allah for open my eyes
Now and forever I I`ll be there for you
I know that deep in my heart =)

lovely..anna lyana =))

Friday, 12 August 2011

tips nak muka tanpe jerawat dan lembut bagaikan sutera..kuikui~

assalamulaikum...hyep2!! u all law nak taw rahsia muke jd halus n mulus...lembut bangat gituh...heheh..
sila gunekan tomato...xkire la korg nk gune tomato kecik2 o besaw2....hehehe...~~
janji tomato....korang nak hiris nipis2....letak o tepek kat muke2 korg yg omel dan cute tu pon ok taw...hheheh...atau nak lebih elok..blander la tomato tu o penyek2 kan nye....jd kn la seperti mask kt muke korg tuh...korg uat skali pon da terasa lembutnye taw....nk lbh mulus....buat la tiap2 ary taw2....ehehhe....
jgn jadi cam ana memanjang sampai xsempat nak buat...huhu...tapu law nak kulit korang lembut jugak...........gne air beras yg tlh dibilas yg first taw...atau korg bland jew beras tu...uat cm tomato tu ley jugak...sbb memutih kan kulit korg lg....membuang sel kulit2 mati tu...jgn lupe selawat k sygggg.....hhehehe....selamat mencuba la ye teman2...^_^

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

ting tong selasa ! !

assalamulaikum...hyep2!! da lame x update blog...ary ni nk cite cenggini..mmg geram la an...ingatkan ary ni ley la da plak bende uat sakit hati...astagfirullhala'zim...menyampah nye ngan makhluk yang sempurna di jadikan oleh allah s.w.t...kenapa mesti nak cari masalah...lelaki dan perempuan sama jew...e...e...e..geram sungguh ngan burung hantu...selama  ini terus bersabar...kerna ramai cakap sabar itu separuh daripada iman..dan sabar itu juge sifat yang baik..dan di sukai oleh allah kadang2 tu la...sebagai manusia yang lemah tak lari dari sifat itu...tapi setiap org juge ade tahap kesabarannye..hari ni macam2 yg berlaku da..cume untuk menjadi sempurna tp kadang2 sesetengah org fikir lain...kenape la mesti begitu..luluh sungguh hati ni..tapi da jodoh x kemane..dan law perhubungan persahabat itu da macam tuh pon..nak wat macam mane..walaupon da macam2 cara utk cube gelar bg mereka yg ade sifat ni ialah burung hantu...aalalalalalal....sape2 law terasa maaf la ea...xde kene mngena dengan sape2 pon...nak tengok tak burung hantu tuh??meh tengok.....

ni la burung hantu tuh...cube teka jantan ke betina???

kenapa??kenapa??itu lah persoalan yang selalu timbul dalam pale  neh....kenape la perlu ada  sifat iri hati dalam diri seseorang ??...jum kita renung2 kan ye wahai teman2....

Agar kita tidak terjerumus dalam penyakit hati yang satu ini, maka ada beberapa cara  yang bisa kita lakukan, di antaranya ...
1. Pertebal iman dan rasa yakin pada takdir Allah.
2. Mengingat akibat iri yang akan berdampak di dunia maupun di akhirat.
3. Selalu bersyukur dengan yang sedikit
4. Selalu memandang orang yang di bawahnya dalam masalah dunia.
5. Banyak mendoakan orang lain yang mendapatkan nikmat dalam kebaikan  karena jika kita mendoakannya, kita akan dapat yang semisalnya.
Mudah-mudahan setelah teman-teman membaca...teman-teman blh  menyedari akibat buruk dari sifat hati yang bernama iri. .atau iri hati..

Sunday, 19 June 2011

mata bengkak cam penkek..huhu.¤*(¯`★´¯)*¤°

assalamualaikum..hyep2!! ..wee~ary ni mungkin last aq update blog..lepas ni..mngkn amek mase lame tuk da umo pnjg xkan ke mane kan3??hehe..ary ni aq masih dlm keadaan aq tulis cam mood aq ngah senyum plak..pada hal..air mata aq cam air hujan acid da ha...huhu..jatuh plak kt pipi aq y bambam ni..dan hidung aq da cam bunyi hon kete katak da ha..sonk senk jew...huhu...tisu pon hbs aq keje kan..nsb baik yg lain da tito..blh la aq ngs puas2..dan mengarut2..huhu....

<(' .' )>
malam ni memg la aq terase sdh nk uat cm ni mmg hati jns mudah tersentuh...aceceh..mcm da plak org y sentuh hati aq ni..hehe..ade ke??xde la...~~ hehe....sebenarnye hati aq ni lembut cam kain sutera tuh y jd laguni..huhu..(oihhh kua da utara nya) cume nk tulis je ha..sbb pas nii aq xdpt update blog..harap2 aq xla lupe blog ni mcm blog aq y sebelum2 ni..aceceh..manyak tol blog aq ...hehe..tuh la..manjang lupe id..tuh y wat baru je keje aq...heeheheh...

^( '-' )^
aq terasa jauh sangat diri aq skrg...knpe???aq pon xtaw la..bkn jauh dgn ALLAH s.w.t tp dgn dunia..aikk!! apew aq merepek ni..haha...opss!! cume tergaggu..jgn pk bkn2...trganggu dgn environment aq pon da bosan asyik ckp bende yg same jew...hehe....nk tgk tak rupe aq ngs??haha..jap2...kat bawah ni ada.....:))

bambam kan2??:P
v( ‘.’ )v 

ni la pic aq waktu aq p cosmo la akibat ngs...xbrhenti aq ngs..smpi la mlm ni..huhu..sume tye..
sampai ade nasihat kan supaya jgn bunuh diri...huhu...dorg cam taw2 jew..acecehh...gemuk teramat la pic aq ni jd nye...time aq kua xpkai bedak langsung..tudung pon senget..kan3?? memang malu la..sume org pandang..malu la..taw2..ahahah.....;) aceceh....time ni jugak mase aq duk2 jew tgk org main..blh jugak air mata aq mengalir...huhu...sedih2...haha...okie3...tgk la pic aq 1 lebih clean n clear..acecehh...:P

comel ke comot?mesti la comot..:P

first time aq jd camni..haha....xpew....sekali seumur hidup...memang la waktu fikiran singkat memg aq terjun ni la jd nye..hehe..maw tito la..da ngantuk la jewla ctew last mlm ni..lepas ni aq da xupdate tuk mase yg lame la jgk...huhu...sebab aq da xbelajar da..huhu...:)
nyte dear..opsss!!! sape dear??hehe...acecehh..nakal2 plak ....hihi...tata..^_^

Saturday, 18 June 2011

for the rest in my life...

assalamulaikum..ketika ini aq cume sedih..kerna di katakan tidak pernah faham btl3..sdh..sedangkan selama itu aq selalu mahu dy jujur dgn hari ini katanya...bru dy jujur...knpe selama ini dy x jujur pd qu??knpe sudah melepaskn bru mahu jujur??? tidak faham..dy mahu pujuk dy juga mgatakan perkara y menyakiti ku...selama ini apew  aq buat dy xpernah xla skrg dy ckp dy xfhm la dgn org y pernah aq syg ini...mengapa perangai nya sedemikian begituh....sedangkan dy juga kata akan selalu menyokong rupa nye hanya di depan ku saja...sudah tahu bahawa aq berbeza dgnnye..knpe dy masih dgn ku??sudah beberapa kali aq ckp...jika tidak serasi tidak perlu meneruskan perhubungn dy tidak mahu..katanya kalau tak serasi tak kan bertahan sampai kini skrg..sudah lain..akhirnya kesabaran nya tiada lg...sudah aq bg tahu sejak dahulu..jgn berjanji2 dgn ku...sbb aq tahu tak kan sorg pon  akn boleh faham ku jika ssorg itu btl2 tidak menerima aq tidak perlu menyalah kan org lain utk puaskan hati tuh...dan tidak perlu berpura2..smpi mempermain kn org lain...jika marah..luahkn..xperlu nk tahan2...sebab nanti lain jd nye..skrg ia tahan sbb itu jd begini...kerna selalu sgt x jujur...ituh la cerita nye..mengapa...???? kalau sesorg itu jujur xkan nye jd begitu...kesimpulannye...jika kamu tidak boleh mnerima org kesayangan kamu itu ade kekurangan jgn cube utk menjd kn dy kekasih mu...biarkan..cari la pasangn yg kamu rase ia sesuai dan terbaik bg mu....dan jgn pkse tuk mencintai..menyayangi...mengasihani..dy kerna tkt hati nya terluka..kerna jujur se awalnye adalah terbaik....jgn sudah xtahan ..boring..atau akhirnya..baru anda mengatakan kekurangn nya....
ini la yg terakhir untuk ku tulis dalam blog jujur la kamu dalam perhubungan walau bnd itu menyakitkan hati mu...sekurang2 nye kamu blh menerima nya seawalnye y blh......tidak la seperti akhir cerita baru jujur....=')

Listen to your heart before you i want go...just live...

Thursday, 16 June 2011


assalamulaikum...hye2 kawan...malam ni sy sungguh gembira..sgt2..sbb sy telah rasai k'gembiraan kot..walaupon papew pon..ktew mesti senyum..kan2...senyum lah  slalu..katanya awex mude....lalalalala~ :))
sy rase bertuah cgt..sebab allah swt..masih kan syg sy ni..still ada utk meraikan kegembiraan ni mari ktew bersyukur ats rezekinye y di berikan....^___^

Kita tak blh mengubah masa lalu..
tetapi dapat menghancurkan masa kini..
dengan mengkhawatirkan masa depan...
Bila kita mengisi hati kita dengan penyesalan untuk masa lalu..
dan kekhawatiran untuk masa depan..
maka kita tak memiliki hari ini untuk kita syukuri..
layan la lagu ni..:))